January 9, 2017

Shop Nina Designs in person at GJX Tucson, AZ!

Looking to shop beautiful silver, gold plate, and bronze charms and findings in person? Nina Designs will be at the GJX show in Tucson, from January 31st through February 5th. We will have a selection of some of our most popular sellers, new styles, and some of our favorite classic designs. Come by and see us at booth number 435, we look forward to meeting you!


GJX does have specific buyer requirements. Please click here to get more information.


See you in Tucson!


January 15, 2013

Shop Nina Designs Booth at GJX Tucson 2013

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Because people are spending less time at tradeshows and more time shopping online for jewelry supply, we have adjusted to this trend by moving resources away from tradeshows and toward the website.  In line with this new strategy, we are pulling out of the Tucson Holidome Show for 2013.

This was a very difficult decision because we love visiting with everyone at the Holidome.  We will miss seeing you face to face but we truly believe we can best serve all of our customers by keeping most of the staff of 10 people  home and staying focused online.

We will, however, keep our small booth #435 at GJX in 2013  and would love to see you there.  Here’s some info about credentials you need to get into the GJX show – all pulled straight from their website:

This is not a business-to-business trade show. It is a “wholesale-to-the-trade only” show. GJX reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine if a buyer is qualified to attend the show based on the information provided by the registrant. Buyers must be engaged in the gem and jewelry industry. Professional attire required.  No children under the age of 14 will be allowed, including infants.


Be sure to bring with you any documents you may need to register on-site.  Pre-registration is closed.  You must register at the show.

1.) JBT # (Jewelers Board of Trade Membership #) or Resale License or Wholesale Tax Certificate


If license does not indicate you are in the Lapidary/Jewelry Trade you will need copies of the following:

2.) Invoices over the past year, totaling $4,000 from several different suppliers, for the purchase of gemstones jewelry, castings, precious metals, or jewelry equipment


3.) Photo Identification (required to claim badge) and business card (related to the trade)

*Note: If your business/resale license or tax ID certificate does not reflect that your company is engaged in the gem and jewelry (or its related products) industry, if your state does not issue business/resale licenses, then you must provide copies of invoices for the purchase of gemstones, jewelry, precious metals or lapidary equipment made within the last year. Each invoice must reflect the purchase of multiple items.



August 18, 2012

Tradeshows vs. Internet :: Where to Find Silver Charms

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Because people are spending less time on-the-road and more time shopping online for jewelry supply, we have adjusted to this trend by reallocating resources away from Tradeshows and toward the Internet.  In line with this new strategy, we are pulling out of the Tucson Holidome Show for 2013. 

This was a very difficult decision because we love visiting with everyone at the Holidome, but with a staff of just 10 people, getting ready for the Holidome Show dominates half the year for us and drains our resources on every level.  We will miss seeing you face to face but we truly believe we can best serve all of our customers by keeping most of the staff  home and staying focused online.

We will keep our small booth at GJX in 2013  and would love to see you there.  If not, keep your eyes open for special offers from us in February 2013.

There are always web improvements in the works here at Nina Designs & all with an eye toward making shopping as easy and fun as possible.

NEW Online Shopping Tools:  1 – An expanded Details Page with tabs lets you easily find related products.  For instance, once you find one lotus charm, you can order the same lotus charm in additional sizes & finishes – all from one tab.    2 –  A new Backorder Tool allows you to keep track of your backordered items and add them to your cart when you’re ready.

We’ve also been developing fun contests & giveaways on our blog, sweepstakes on Facebook, and beautiful boards on Pinterest.  All of this activity is in response to our new Internet Focused reality.  We hope to see you there.

January 24, 2012

Find Nina Designs at GLW Holidome & GJX at Tucson 2012

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If you’re a Tucson veteran you’ve already started planning your shopping strategies for jewelry findings at the most spectacular tradeshow of the year. This is an exciting year for Nina Designs.

For the first time in Nina Designs history we’ll be exhibiting at two shows during Tucson 2012.

GLW Holidome Show
Booth: #727 – 733
Address: Holiday Inn, 4550 South Palo Verde Rd Tucson, AZ 85714
Date: Feb. 2 – Feb. 10
Description: Our booth will be filled with exciting new styles and all your favorites – charms, links, earrings findings, silk, leather, and more! You’ll also find our new bronze styles.

GJX Show, Downtown Tucson
Booth: #2309
Address: 198 South Granada Ave., Tucson AZ 85701
Date: Jan. 31 – Feb. 5
Description: At this booth you’ll find only sterling silver and gold vermeil styles, with a focus on higher end and pricier items, like fancy clasps, large gold veremil pendants, and handmade chain.

1 – Bring a few photocopies of your state resale license, or stickers with all your information on them.
2 – For California customers, we suggest bringing copies of your BOE-230.
3 – Check out our On The Road blog series for more handy shopping tips.

NOTICE: With most of our office staff in Tucson this year, there’s a potential for delay in order processing in the office, from Jan. 31 – Feb. 10, 2012. Our office will be open and taking orders, but there could be delays to our usual order processing times.

November 8, 2011

Easy Jewelry Display

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When I first started selling my handmade jewelry, I needed a jewelry display that was easy to assemble and could work in a variety of settings. Many of my events were at-home trunk shows, or in a group show setting, so I needed the jewelry display to be portable and versatile. I had a bunch of black velvet boards, but found them to be too dark and overpowering for most of my jewelry.

Easy Jewelry Display

The solution I came up with was to cover the velvet boards in a variety of cream fabric, and then add a ribbon to the top. I selected an appealing combination of green ribbons in a variety of textures. The ribbons can be used to hang the boards from a wall or a tall folding screen if wall space was unavailable. I’ve often just set the boards on a tabletop and leaned them up against a wall with the ribbons tucked behind.

The fabric and ribbons are literally taped to the back of the velvet boards (I love duct tape)! I use straight sewing pins to attach the jewelry to the front of the boards. For storage, I slip each board into a large ziplock plastic bag, with all the jewelry attached. The ziplock keeps the silver from tarnishing.

So there you have it – an attractive and easy way to display jewelry. How do you display your jewelry?

September 15, 2011

Shopping for Sterling Silver at Tradeshows

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Be careful when shopping for sterling silver charms at tradeshows these days. I was perusing booths at an InterGem Show last week and noticed vendors are getting quite creative about what they’re calling base metals. For instance, one booth was selling nickel and calling it German silver. While this may technically be legal, it is definitely misleading. I’m certain there are similar terms out there that are just as misleading. Please be careful, especially in terms of allergies and high levels of lead and cadmium content. If you are unsure of what something is be sure to ask.

For more than 25 years, Nina Designs has been designing unique sterling silver charms and beads. But with the price of silver doubling in just one year, we know times are changing. We understand many of our customers want an alternative to sterling, and that as jewelry designers you’ve had to make some difficult business and financial decisions. We have done the same.

After much consideration and research, we developed Natural Bronze, Silver Plated Bronze, and Gold Plated Bronze as low cost alternatives to our sterling silver and gold vermeil. Our bronze is a high quality alloy of copper and tin we sourced from Italy. With our bronze collection you get it all: the beauty and quality you’ve come to expect from Nina Designs, and for a fraction of the cost of sterling silver!

Learn more about our bronze atBronze FAQs, and about how Nina Designs complies with laws regulating metal jewelry.

Discover what's new at Nina Designs!

May 24, 2011

Jewelry Findings Galore: Tucson Generates an Abundance of New Ideas

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Trade shows offer so much visual stimulation from gold vermeil and silver findings, to exotic beads and gems, to the colorful characters hunting for treasure. I collected many jewelry findings, and more importantly – inspiration on my trip to Tucson last February.

One of my favorite things about working trade shows is being able to see all of our wonderful jewelry findings displayed in front of me. We offer so many silver charms and silver spacer beads and I would love to have them all. Choosing is difficult, but once I see them all in one place, the ideas come rushing in and I can imagine the ways I want to use pieces and it makes it easier to decide. I love seeing how our customers use jewelry findings in their own unique way as well. I keep an eye out for unusual jewelry using techniques I can learn from and that generate new ideas.

We had one customer come by our booth wearing some stunning jewelry. What stood out was her exquisite large bangle bracelet. She meticulously hand sewed tiny gold beads with coral and turquoise onto leather and wrapped it around the bangle. For years I have been working with leather and sewing beads and findings using different techniques to create all sorts of pieces, but it had never occurred to me to wrap the leather around an object to give it a solid shape. I started chatting with this customer. We shared our experiences, ideas, and techniques, and my mind started racing with the possibilities of designs using this technique.

The first thing I did when I got home and dumped out my treasures was to try this technique. First I made this bracelet, then these earrings. And the results are so satisfying. Now I am on a mission to find more objects to cover in leather and adorn with silver, gold and gem stones. What new techniques are you experimenting with these days?

March 30, 2011

Help Make Buying Silver Charms at Tradeshows Easier

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Bead shows are a great place to see our new styles and hand pick silver charms in person (and without a minimum purchase). As of Jan 1, 2011 we have changed some of our tradeshow procedures and I wanted to give you a heads up so that you can be prepared and help make check out a breeze!

All wholesale customers purchasing at California tradeshow are now required to fill out a Board of Equalization (BOE) form for every trade show purchase. This means even if you have filled this form out for us before at a prior show, and even if you’ve sent one in to our office, you will still have to fill one out for your current purchase, as I cannot check with the office to make sure we have a current copy filed.

Trade Shows are fun & checking out can be a breeze!

To make this process faster, download the BOE form, fill it out with your business info and your resale number. But do NOT sign it until you’re checking out because you’re required to sign and date it at the show. Bring this copy with you and just hand it to me when you are ready to checkout. Trust me, it will make everything easy-peasy.

If you are a retail customer, make sure you give us your e-mail and address so that we can add you to our mailing list so we can send you postcards with discounts for upcoming bead shows, and our newsletter. The newsletter is packed with great stuff like exciting new website features, new styles, new design ideas, sale items and more!

Take a look at the Tradeshow calendar to plan your next shopping trip. Looking forward to seeing you!

January 26, 2011

My Jewelry Supplies Shopping List for Tucson 2011

Working at Nina Designs gives me access to the best in jewelry supplies right at my fingertips. I am a lucky lady! And now that I’m heading to Tucson for the first time next week, I’ve been starting to get my shopping list and budget together. I’m pretty much in search of large recycled glass beads, river stone beads, and interesting fossils – things I cannot find at Nina Designs.

My special mission is to find a pair of turquoise “daggers” like Clara, our trade show guru, found a few months ago. I’ve been ogling them ever since and would like to design a pair of earrings with these powerful pieces dangling gracefully from our delicate Gold Vermeil Teardrop Link. For a hint of gold I’ll add a single Gold Vermeil Hill Tribe Spacer Bead above the dagger. These earrings have been dancing in my head for a few weeks now, so I just had to sketch them out onto paper! The only thing I’m missing is the turquoise daggers and from what I hear, if I look for it at Tucson, I’m sure to find it. Now I just need to draft my budget!

What’s on your Tucson shopping list?

Sketch of my Turquoise Dagger Earrings

January 24, 2011

15% Discount on our Selection of Jewelry Findings in Tucson

For jewelry designers there’s hardly a bigger thrill than shopping for jewelry findings in Tucson, AZ, at the biggest bead shows in the world. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran the initial feeling is the same – slight apprehension mixed with excitement for the hunt. You want to make sure to find the things you want while having a good time, so get as organized and as comfortable as possible. For sage advice from our in-house show veteran, click here.

Preparations for Tucson here in our office is in full swing. Clara and the crew are working hard gathering our latest new styles and our best sellers to make sure you have the best shopping experience possible. We will be in the same spot we’ve been in for years at the G&LW Show at the Holiday Inn Holidome, Booth 733, Feb. 3 – 11, 2011. We look forward to seeing you there!

15% DISCOUNT on all gold vermeil and silver jewelry findings at our Tucson 2011 tradeshow! Limited tradeshow quantities available so get there as early as possible. Also be sure to ask us how you can win a $250 SHOPPING SPREE at Nina Designs (for Tucson show shoppers only).

Gathering our New Styles for Tucson

A Peek into our Tucson Workshop!

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