Jewelry How-To Movies

Learn jewelry making techniques with our free jewelry video series.


Tips for Quick Charm Necklaces

Learn how to make personalized charm necklaces! With this quick tip you’ll be making keepsake jewelry in no time!


Make a Woven Silk and Chain Necklace

Learn to combine jewelry charms, silk cord and jewelry chain to create necklaces in many lengths and colors. This jewelry looks great layered so try a few different variations! The middle orange necklace is also a bracelet: see how here!


Make an Infinity Wrap Bracelet

Learn to make this festive leather wrap bracelet in just a few minutes! The silver infinity link is a best seller. You can find all the supplies you need to make this bracelet here!


Make a Multi-Strand Silk Charm Bracelet

Learn to make a colorful silk charm bracelet with a leather and button clasp. This tutorial will take your jewelry making skills to the next level! Find this design idea and the parts you need here.


Make Leather Wrap Bracelets

Make your own wrap bracelets with leather cord and silver findings. This technique is simple, quick and very trendy. Make several in different colors and stack them or give them as gifts! Find the design idea parts to make it here.


Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet with Gemstones

Make a leather cuff bracelet with gemstones by following these easy steps. You can take this design technique and run with it! Make your own bracelet by shopping our selection of wide leather in a rainbow of colors. Check out this design idea here!


Add Wire Wrapped Accents to your Jewelry Designs

Learn how to make wire wrapped jewelry accents. This technique will add texture and color to your jewelry designs. Check out our jewelry wire selection to get started today!


Make One Chain Look Like Two

Jewelry Making is easy if you know the secrets. Learn this trick for making one finished silver chain look like a double strand. Shop for colorful deer hide lace to accent your version of this design.


Make Gemstones Earrings with Beaded Frames

Learn how to make gemstone earrings with beaded frames by watching this video. Once you learn the technique, you’ll want to use it again and again! Take a look at the parts you’ll need for the earrings featured.


How to Use Buttons as Jewelry Clasps

Learn how to turn buttons in jewelry clasps with this easy technique. Shop for buttons today!


Make a Braided Silk and Chain Wrap Bracelet

How to Make a modern braided wrap bracelet with silk cord and silver chain. Try this easy jewelry making project today!


Use Jewelry Crimps Safely

Avoid embarrassing jewelry breaks from wire slipping out of crimps. Learn this trick for making crimps extra safe & secure. Shop for crimps and cover today.


How To Open and Close Jump Rings

Watch this video on how to use jewelry jump rings. Learn the correct technique for opening & closing jump ring for a clean, secure closure. Need some pliers? Shop Here for the perfect pair.


How to Stack Bracelets

Watch this video for fashion tips on how to stack bracelets. Like what you see? Start making some today for a trendy look! You can find all our bracelet designs and parts here: Bracelet Designs.


How to Make Leather Rings

Watch this video and learn how to make a leather ring using silver links. The variety of designs you can use this technique with is endless! Find the parts you’ll need here: Signet Ring.


How to Embellish Findings with Gemstones

Watch this video to see how to wire wrap gemstones onto the frame of jewelry links & findings for a rich, decorative look. Once you get the hang of this jewelry making technique sky is the limit! Find a complete parts list here:

Garnet Lotus Necklace


How to Make a Headpin from Wire

Learn this easy trick! Are the holes in your gemstone beads too small for your head pins? Learn how to quickly make jewelry head pins from wire. These jewelry findings are a fast solution when you find yourself in a pinch!

Find a complete parts list for making these earrings:
Hands of Blessings


Make Earrings with Jewelry Links

Watch this video to learn how to design & make earrings with jewelry links. This is a fast, simple technique for creating fun earrings in a wide range of styles.

Find a complete parts list for making earrings with jewelry links:

Sun Traveler Earrings
Layered Droplet Earrings


How to Make Necklaces in 5 minutes!

How to Make Necklaces. A quick 5 minute technique to design necklaces & create jewelry for gifts or business. FREE written directions and jewelry supplies for this project are available on our BLOG.

Find a complete parts list for making these necklaces and variations of this design:

Colorful Silk Charm Necklaces
Angels and Demons Leather Necklaces
Sheer Volume Necklace
Surf’s Up Silk Necklaces
Three Leather Necklaces


How to Knot Pearls onto Leather

Learn How To Knot large hole pearls onto leather or silk cord. This project is great for beginners. Make necklaces or bracelets that look fabulous in minutes!

Get a parts list and find a wonderful selection of leather for jewelry in different sizes and a myriad of colors. If you prefer silk cords and ribbons, we offer those too!


Make Leather Cuff Bracelets

Watch this video to make leather cuff bracelets. This jewelry making technique is great for making men’s jewelry too. All you’ll need is a silver pendant, wide leather for jewelry, a silver clasp, and some simple tools. Get the Parts List and have fun!


Make Earrings by Layering Jewelry Links

Watch this how-to video to make earrings by layering jewelry links together with jump rings. It’s fun, fast & easier than you might think! You can find a parts list in our Design Ideas under Luminaria Earrings. Get started today!


Make Bracelets with Leather Cord

Watch this video to see how to make bracelets with leather cord, an infinity jewelry link, and glue. Learn how to tie a larks head knot, and finish your bracelet with a silver box clasp. Find all the parts and supplies you need to make this bracelet:
Infinite Possibilities Bracelet.


Make Earrings with Frames

Watch this video to see how to make earrings using different shaped jewelry links as frames. With this one technique you can make hundreds of unique variations! Get a parts list so you can get start making earrings today.


Watch Silver Charms Come to Life

Sneak Peek: See how Silver Charms and Silver Pendants come to life at a Nina Designs Retreat, June 2012.


How to Give Silver Charms a Brushed Finish Using Matte Paper

This short video will show you how to refinish the surface of your Silver Charms from Shiny to Brushed using Matte Paper. You won’t believe how easy it is to create a Brushed Metal Finish!


How to Use a Tulip Crimp Jewelry Clasp

This short video will show you the quickest, most secure way to use a Tulip Crimp Clasp to finish a Necklace or a Bracelet. See how paper clips and masking tape can make your job easier!


Telling a story with gold and silver charms

Jewelry designer Nina Cooper, president of, talks about using silver and gold charms to tell a story. From “Beads, Baubles and Jewels”


How to Design a Necklace

If you love jewelry, you can make jewelry! Nina Designs helps you get started. From simple to sophisticated, learn how to design stunning necklaces with just a few easy principles.


Bali Silver Ceremonies

Bali Silver Ceremonies provide a glimpse into a highly spiritual culture. See how the Balinese weave art, beauty and mindfulness into all aspects of life.


Casting Thai Silver Charms

Casting silver is a highly skilled, labor intensive endeavor. Watch the entire process unfold from the initial sketches to a completed piece!


Jewelry Charm Design with Nina Cooper of Nina Designs

Beads Baubles and Jewels

Nina provides expert advise on theming and designing charm jewelry


Jewelry Design demystified on TV with Nina Designs

Beads Baubles and Jewels

Jewelry Design can be approached from many
directions. Learn how to design your own jewelry in this video clip
that aired on PBS


How to Wire Wrap a Briolette

Learn how to wire wrap a briolette bead onto silver wire to make earrings or a pendant. If you love jewelry, you can make jewelry! Nina Designs helps you get started.


How to Use The Magical Crimping Tool

Have you ever wondered exactly how to use the Magical Crimping Tool? See how step-by-step in this informative video. Click here to buy the magical crimping tool.


How to Finish a Bracelet with Crimps and Crimp Covers

Watch this video to learn how to finish a necklace or bracelet with crimps and crimps covers. We show you step by step how to attach crimps and hide them with crimp covers using crimping pliers. With these easy to learn techniques, you’ll be able to design and create your own necklaces and bracelets.


How to Design Earrings

If you love jewelry, you can make jewelry! Nina Designs helps you get started. From simple to sophisticated, learn how to design stunning earrings easily with just a few design principles.


Silversmiths Make Jewelry Parts in Bali

Watch master silversmiths in Bali create intricate silver designs from scratch. You won’t believe the precision and detail of their craftsmanship. Don’t miss this amazing video!


Wire Wrap Links

Learn to wire wrap beads into links. This simple technique will expand your design options for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
For complete written instructions with pictures visit our classroom


Basic Wire Wrapping

Learn to wire wrap a bead onto a head pin. This basic technique will allow you to make endless pairs of earrings and beautiful pendants.
For written instructions with photos visit our classroom


Buddha Beads

Watch this beautiful Buddha manifest bead by bead then melt away into thin air. Inspired by Tibetan sand paintings, we used thousands of beads to create a temporary masterpiece, as impermanent as life itself.