Nina, President

I am one of those lucky people who discovered their passions early in life. I sold beaded jewelry at my first craft show when I was ten years old and haven’t looked back since. I also enjoy writing, dancing and nesting with my family.

When I started Nina Designs I wanted to build a company where art and life could coexist with commerce. Our talented silversmiths deserve fair pay and good working conditions as do our amazing California staff. As a team, we usher new ideas from the drawing board to your hands. Creating products to inspire jewelry designers is an ongoing joy. I love knowing that our work at Nina Designs feeds the creative energy of so many talented artists!

My Current Favorite Components

A1533 · Sterling Silver Cutout Cherry Blossom Festoon.


S2537 · Leaf Shape Sterling Silver Quote Charm.


S2938 · Sterling Silver Riveted Abstract Peacock Feather.


A886 · Sterling Silver Ancient Coin Charm with Athena's Owl.


My Blog Entries