Carly, Inventory Manager

I carry “home” in my heart after my visits to Ireland and Bali. Photography is both my guide and my medicine ~ allowing me to capture a moment of pure truth while learning to see my own. Jewelry is one of my joys ~ to experience, to create, to share. Music is the air that I breathe. Yoga fuels me. My hands in the dirt heal me. The ocean understands. With my Anam Cara by my side, I have humbly and graciously found physical home in the East Bay of Northern California with a promise of living with transparency, integrity and honesty with love as a great foundation. At Nina Designs, I am participating in a circle of creativity and growth with those I work with and our customers. It is a valuable and unique experience to have the opportunity to inspire others within their own creativity while also sharing my own through designs and compositions of our jewelry components.

My Current Favorite Components

My inspiration comes from movement and the cycles of life and death as well as any moment that I find magic in and will capture in a breath or through my camera lens.

A1638 · Sterling Silver Realistic Manta Ray Charm.


A1613 · Sterling Silver Sparrow Bird Skull Charm.


A1675 · Sterling Silver Buddha Hand Holding a Lotus.


P3035 · Sterling Silver Tree of Life with Granulation Pendant.


A1659 · Sterling Silver Realistic Stag Head Festoon.


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