Marcy, Associate Designer

At 8 years old I was introduced to the world of art by replicating the Impressionists like Monet and Degas using pastels, watercolors and oil paints. I learned about the color wheel and was fascinated with the relationships of complimentary and opposite colors. I enjoyed experimenting with different textures in each medium. During my time in art school I was interested in expanding those ideas into mixed media and collages.

After school, jewelry design caught my attention and I approached it with the same intention – composition, color combinations, and textures. I feel fortunate to be able to work in a place that fuels creative energy. New items catch my attention, which triggers an idea that multiplies into an all-nighter of creating new pieces and exploring new techniques. The possibilities are endless and the inspiration is plentiful.

My Current Favorite Components

A1655 · Sterling Silver Realistic Unicorn Horn Charm.


A1251 · Sterling Silver Ancient Coin with Cutout Holes Charm.


A1613 · Sterling Silver Sparrow Bird Skull Charm.


S3039 · Large Sterling Silver Hammered Crescent Moon Pendant with Jump Ring in the Center.


S3048 · Sterling Silver Tiny Crescent Dangle.


My Blog Entries

Make Men’s Jewelry for Father’s Day Gifts - I made these leather bracelets and necklace to help kick start your ideas for making men’s jewelry.  Bracelets and necklaces are good places to start.  Make a simple infinity bracelet with leather to show your boundless love.  Or, personalize your Father’s Day gift by hand stamping a message on silver stamping blanks and attaching it […]

Making Men’s Jewelry vs. Making Women’s Jewelry - For many of us, making jewelry for women is easier than making jewelry for men.  While sky’s the limit for women’s jewelry, there are limitations for what can pass for men’s jewelry.  Some jewelry designers struggle to make men’s jewelry.  But, if you follow these simple guidelines for making men’s jewelry, it will be a […]

Designing Silver Jewelry Links & Silver Charms - Recently I have been given the amazing opportunity to design silver jewelry links and silver charms alongside Leah and Nina. This is an exciting chance for me to exercise my creative vision in a new way. I’ve been focused on simple geometric shapes that jewelry designers can incorporate in infinite ways, like our existing line […]

Find Nina Designs at GLW Holidome & GJX at Tucson 2012 - If you're a Tucson veteran you've already started planning your shopping strategies for jewelry findings at the most spectacular tradeshow of the year. This is an exciting year for Nina Designs.

Making Necklaces with Asymmetrical Elements - Creating an asymmetrical design using silver and bronze jewelry findings is a huge challenge for me. Most days making jewelry is fun, easy and effortless.

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Large Hole Pearls Make Great Wrap Bracelets - During a recent bead night here at Nina Designs I made a Chan Luu style wrap bracelet with large hole pearls, sterling silver buttons, and deer hide leather.

Jewelry Findings Galore: Tucson Generates an Abundance of New Ideas - Trade shows offer so much visual stimulation from gold vermeil and silver findings, to exotic beads and gems, to the colorful characters hunting for treasure.

Making My Christmas Gift with Gold Vermeil Beads, Rubies and Leather - One of the things I love about being a jewelry artist is that I can make jewelry for all those special women in my life.

Tribal Spirit :: Making Earrings with Feather Charms - With the feather silver charms in mind, I was inspired to create statement earrings with a Native American flair.