Britney, Marketing Manager

I have to thank my Mom for always encouraging me to be a creative spirit, and constantly keeping me supplied with all the art materials I could have ever wanted. Growing up my free time was always spent drawing, painting, building, and enjoying the inspiration that comes with being outside. My love for the outdoors and adventure then turned into my love for travel. I’ve been lucky enough to spend summers overseas enjoying the beaches of the Greek Isles and roaming the South African bush on Safaris. Exploring new things and leaving my comfort zone have led to me being more adventurous in my creative endeavors. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything to cater to my artistic, right-brained self, and currently spend most of my time pursuing graphic design, painting, paper crafting, sewing, assembling jewelry, and print making. I make a mean cupcake too! I am so thankful to have a role in a workplace that is filled with smart and creative women, as well as art in the form of jewelry.

My Current Favorite Components

I’ve always enjoyed simplicity, clean lines, and geometric patterns. These pieces are beautiful and streamline on their own, or are easy to dress up with beads or gemstones.

T3043 · Sterling Silver Spike Post Earring.


S3039 · Large Sterling Silver Hammered Crescent Moon Pendant with Jump Ring in the Center.


S3034 · Medium Sterling Silver Elongated Diamond Link with Fixed Loop.


R507 · Sterling Silver Moon Ring.


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