Signe, Marketing Assistant

I have been enjoying a life long love affair with the arts (please don’t tell my husband.) I have a Masters Degree in Theater and have worked professionally as a performer, designer, and theater educator. Later in life, I decided to pursue my other artistic passion, jewelry design. I have studied various beading, wire working, polymer clay, and metal-smithing techniques. When creating a piece of jewelry, I think about creating a picture that tells a story or evokes an emotion. I want each piece to express a point of view and, I hope, reveal something about the wearer. Having a background in theater, I find inspiration for my jewelry from many different areas: classic Hollywood films, art, music and literature. It is fabulous to be in working for such a socially responsible and creatively nurturing company.

My Current Favorite Components

I love designing with pieces that have versatile, organic shapes and texture.

GS2789 · Satin 24K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Five Circle Link.


GS1386 · Satin 24K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Teardrop Dangle.


P2885 · Hand Carved Blackwood Infinity Link.


SC159 · Round Sterling Silver Magnet clasp with carpet granulation.


S2570 · Bali Sterling Silver Bead.


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