DeAnna, Marketing & IT Coordinator

Born and raised in Detroit, MI, I am a transplant to California. After finding my place in a new environment, I love my life in the Bay Area. Before moving I studied photography and crafts in college. In my spare time I ride my bike everywhere, make jewelry, weave,cook,and check the local flea markets for new treasures. I always try to spend as much time outside as possible, even if that means a simple afternoon reading in my backyard with my cat. I am excited and inspired working with so many creative women at Nina Designs and look forward to taking my humble jewelry construction to the next level.

My Current Favorite Components

Mixed metals and bold lines are influencing my jewelry designs this spring. I’m moved by statement pieces and shiny gemstones!

S2845 · Sterling Silver Dragon Scale Lantern.


VNA1274 · Natural Bronze Small Spike Dangle.


A1341 · Sterling Silver Large Dimensional Chevron Festoon.


A1317 · Leo - Zodiac Constellation Disc.


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