Magdalena, Customer Service Manager

The joy of creative expression has been part of my entire life. My family has always encouraged and supported me finding ways to express myself. Arts, crafts, and outdoor activities are my main outlets. Some of my favorite things are: painting, writing, photography, making jewelry, skateboarding, yoga, and playing in the ocean.
My major influences are colors and shapes. I like mixing the flavors of my native country Chile, with those of the other areas I have lived and grown in, including Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the San Francisco Bay Area. I appreciate Nina Designs being a Green Business and how much they care for the environment. Every day I come to work, I look forward to being inspired by both the women I work with and the beautiful pieces we offer.

My Current Favorite Components

A1619 · Sterling Silver Magic Wand Charm.


A1568 · Sterling Silver Bear Charm.


A1641 · Sterling Silver Tree and Mountain Pendant.


A1659 · Sterling Silver Realistic Stag Head Festoon.


S6000 · Sterling Silver Raven Charm.


UVCH106 · Medium Round Soldered Oxidized Brass Chain.


My Blog Entries

What’s that sound? Exploring the Complex Meaning of Ohm - I have chanted Ohm as part of yoga and meditation classes and was familiar with the sound Ohm.  Working at Nina Designs, I see the Ohm symbol regularly as it is offered in many different styles and finishes.  We carry a variety of Ohm charms, pendants, earrings, rings and even one with a diamond.  After […]

Feathers Appear When Angels are Near – Symbolism of Feathers - Our Feather and Wing Collection is one of my favorite sections to shop. It reminds me of when I was a child and I would find white feathers everywhere. My grandmother would always say it meant my Guardian Angel was near.  I decided that this was my way of communicating with the Angels.  I would […]