Rose, Customer Service Representative

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and absolutely love it here. I went to New York for college, and after experiencing winter, came back as soon as I graduated with my degree in religious studies. “Religion” is really an umbrella term that covers a vast array of beliefs, practices, and cultures, and I believe that approaching such a complicated and contentious subject with an open willingness to learn is a must in today’s world. The exposure to the diverse people, cultures, art, food, and ideas that I experience on a daily basis in the Bay Area allows me to learn new things daily, as well as realize how little I really do know in the grand scheme of things.

Here at Nina Designs I am surrounded by intelligent, creative, and inspiring women who encourage me to pursue my ideas, be it making jewelry or roller skating. When I’m not writing philosophical blurbs about myself, I enjoy gardening, reading, crafternoons, and the Oxford comma.

My Current Favorite Components

A123 · Thai Sterling Silver locket with pierce work, scroll pattern and flower center on top & bottom.


A1515 · Sterling Silver Pizza Charm.


A1530 · Sterling Silver Stegosaurus Dinosaur Charm.


S6011 · Long Sterling Silver 3D Diamond Cage Pendant.


UCH128 · Sterling silver chain by the foot.


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