14K Gold Charm - Moon in Solid Gold 22x8mm


Legends relate that people once believed the moon was made of silver. So, they would ask the moon for help and jingle the change in their pockets as they gazed at its glory. Celebrate special phases in your life with this symbolic shape from the night sky. Shop all Star and Moon Charms. Complete this 14K Solid Gold charm into a necklace by stringing it through a 14K Solid Gold finished chain or pair it with one of our many other 14K Gold Charms, Pendants & Links.

There may be some very slight variations from our matching sterling silver styles made in Thailand. Length measure includes 6 mm jump ring. Our 14K gold is nickel free.

Due to fluctuations in the gold market, backorders may come in at higher prices. If so, we will confirm updated pricing with customers before shipping backorders.

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Other Details

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