Happy Rainbow Earrings

Designed by Juanita

Though we're often not aware of just how deeply we are influenced by color, it plays a central role in our lives. Color effects our moods, and our bodies resonate the frequencies of color. And, colors evoke certain feelings.

Each chakra in our body swirls at a frequency related to a certain color. When our chakras are balanced energy flows harmoniously in our lives.

Making and selling these happy rainbow chakra earrings is perfect for the collective mood we are in at this moment.  Brighten up those Zoom calls with happy, cheerful earrings.

In the end, we are all light.  Use light and color for healing and uplifting our spirits.

Find the parts for this design in the list below.  Fans of rainbows - you may have noticed already, but I mixed up the last two colors.  To correct, make sure to buy the last charm in purple and the last link in blue.  :)

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