Leather Lariat Necklace

Designed by Marcy

Put a romantic and magical spin on Lariat Necklaces by featuring earthy elements and talisman tokens. This necklace features our Sterling Silver Unicorn Charm, Small Pod Dangle and our dramatic and edgy Shard Charm. The great thing about Lariat Necklaces is that you don’t need to add a clasp, simply adjust the necklace to any length you desire! If your feeling colorful add some gemstones to your necklace, in this one we used stunning Rhodolite Garnet, Iolite, and Amethyst to compliment the soft shades of Wine and Lilac colored Deer Hide Leather. The result? Elegant, lush layers of texture and color create a sophisticated reimagining of a fashion staple. * This necklace was featured in Jewelry Stringing Magazine Winter 2017!

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