24K Gold Plate Three Circles of Life Link 10x19mm


Satin 24K Gold Plated Small Sterling Silver Three Circle Link. Gorgeous handmade link made of three different size circles in a small to large pattern. Part of each circle is made of round wire, other part is flattened wire.

This is a simple design with a lot of impact. Designers love it. You can use it on earrings - just add to hook earring tops and wire wrap a sparkling gemstone bead. Or, wire wrap at various spots on beaded necklaces to add a modern touch.

Length equals the distance from outside edge of small circle to outside edge of large one. Width equals the diameter of the large circle. Height equals thickness of the wire used to form the links.

Our vermeil style gold plate is 40 micro inches of 98.5% pure gold plated over sterling silver with a fine layer of nickel in between. Get more information on our gold plate.


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Other Details

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