Leather Cord & Strips

Leather Cords & Leather Deerskin Laces give you a wide selection of convenient, affordable options for stringing Silver Pendants. Try them now and see how nice it is to skip the glue and have instant satisfaction. If you’re looking for unfinished Leather, we are proud to offer designers colorful bundles of Deerskin. The Leather Cord colors are rich and vibrant. The Leather Cord texture is soft and supple. And, they’re a cinch to finish with our tulip crimp clasps. Whether you need a quick gift or want to offer clients a wider array of choices, these Leather Cords are a great option.

NOTE: Our Deerhide Lace Leather Cord is produced from start to finish in America. The deerskin is harvested through Fish & Wildlife Service’s scheduled thinning in designated regions of overpopulation.

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