Finish a Multi-Strand Silk Necklace with Any Clasp


Silver Cones hide the rubber bands in this clever and secure finishing technique.

Tools & Materials: 

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Step 1

Use a small plastic rubber band to secure the ends of your ribbons. These crafting rubber bands are available at craft stores like Michaels. They cost pennies apiece.

Step 2

Clip the ribbons close to the rubber band.

Step 3

  • Cut a 3” piece of 24 gauge silver wire.
  • Bend the wire in half at a right angle.
  • Slip one end of the wire between evenly divided silk cords.
  • Draw the wire up and around the rubber band.
  • Wire wrap the short end around the long tail of the wire.

Step 4

  • Slip a silver cone onto the wire.
  • Snuggle the cone down to cover the rubber band.
  • Bend the wire at a right angle.

Step 5

Wire wrap the cone to your favorite clasp.


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