18K Rose Gold Plated Tiny Lotus Flower Charm 12x9mm


Rose Gold Charm - Tiny Lotus Flower with 18K Rose Gold Plate. We shrunk our best selling lotus pendant into a tiny lotus charm! This small, openwork lotus flower charm will add a touch of elegance to your jewelry. Its unfolding petals suggest the expansion of the soul. The lotus has long been revered as a spiritual symbol among many cultures and its beauty and grace is admired by all.

Our vermeil style gold plate is 40 micro inches of 98.5% pure gold plated over sterling silver with a fine layer of nickel in between. For Rosegold, we add a thin layer of 18K Rosegold, finished with a nanopolymer coating to protect the surface and inhibit oxidation. Get more information on our gold plate.

Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Plated in the USA.

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Other Details

Other Details

Made in Bali, IndonesiaMade in Bali, Indonesia



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