Thin Silk Cord for Jewelry

Our This Silk Cord is hand dyed with eco-friendly, European silk paints. They are pre-washed and fade resistant. 46 vibrant colors to choose from. End caps and tulip clasps are perfect for finishing silk cord.  Combine six to ten strands to create multi-colored necklaces that look fabulous with our collection of Pendants. To finish, gather all the strands together and wrap them tightly with a small rubber band. Use 22 Gauge Silver Wire to form a loop that captures the bunched ends by passing through the middle of the bunch and ends on top. Wire wrap one end of the silver wire to complete the loop. Pass the other end through a Cone of your choice and wire wrap to a Clasp of your choice. Use Silk Cord to create endless combinations of colors to suit any mood, taste or season!

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