Sterling Silver Etched Sacral Chakra Charm

A1747 -SV-CHRM

Sterling Silver Etched Sacral Chakra Charm. This beautiful, double sided, petite pendant features an etched image of the symbol representing the Sacral Chakra on one side and its Sanskrit word on the other. Both sides are oxidized giving this round charm a dramatic, elegant look. There are seven key chakras that have been recognized in yoga traditions and practices for many years, this being the 2nd. Chakras are energy points in the subtle body, rather than the physical body, and are located at major intersections of blood vessels and nerves.The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen, and honors creativity, relationships, power, and procreation. Embrace your inner yoga goddess and wear this beautiful representation of this meaningful chakra!

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Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Length measure includes 5 mm jump ring.

Curious at what chakra you should be channeling? Learn about all of the chakras, and which of the seven that may speak to you here.

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Made in Thailand



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