Sterling Silver Lotus Mandala Pendant -35mm

S7025 -SV-CHRM

The lotus is born in muck and mire.  From sludgy, slimy waters, this brilliant blossom emerges.  Many take these humble beginnings as a profound metaphor for life.  We can choose to crawl, never lifting our heads up to the light.  Or, we can be like the lotus.  We can make the best of a lousy situation, and rise above.  Stretch out of our comfort zone, grow, and expand.  

In this many petaled flower charm, the lotus becomes a mandala - a visually appealing, symmetrical, geometric form that helps quiet chattering thoughts & nagging anxieties, appeasing the spirit.  From its center out to its rim, this lotus mandala's symmetry and beauty is exquisite.  It has a nice weight to it as well, making it great for for pendant necklaces.    Drop onto a finished chain, and this necklace becomes a great gift for friend who's going through a difficult transition, like a far away move, loss of a loved one, or a career change.  

Take a moment to explore more beauty in our Lotus Collection.  Length measurement includes the 5mm soldered jump ring.  

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Other Details

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Made in Bali, Indonesia



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