Sterling Silver Pendant Bail Spacer Bead with Open Loop

S3339 -SV-BAIL

Designed to use with personalized jewelry, this pendant bail has an open loop so you can quickly attach a focal charm (the centerpiece) among your other collection of letter and family charms. This pendant bail will blend seamlessly with the silver spacer beads of the same look.

Used in combination you can evenly space out initial charms, then add a focal charm in the middle of the bunch. This technique, and this pendant bail, can be used for making personalized necklaces and bracelets. You can use it with stringing technique, or on a chain - because of the large hole it can accommodate sliding around on a chain.

Find the perfect chain and start making personalized jewelry today.

NOTE: The inside diameter of this slider bead is 3mm.  The ring below is open, and its inside interior is 1.5mm

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Other Details

Other Details

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