Sterling Silver Raven and Moon Charm - Raven Charm 23x17mm

A1822 -SV-CHRM

Sterling Silver Raven and Moon Charm - Raven Charm. The Raven Pendant is great for creating Halloween Jewelry Designs! When a Raven comes cawing loudly in your life, it marks a moment to pause and give serious thought to messages coming your way. This dark and mysterious bird is known to be symbolic and important in many cultures. Native Americans believe the earth was created by a raven who dropped stones in the sea, which then became islands. In Africa, the raven is a guide, and in China and Japan, the bird is a messenger of god.

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Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Length measure include 5 mm jump ring.

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Other Details

Other Details

Made in Bali, IndonesiaMade in Bali, Indonesia



mm - millimeters

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