Sterling Silver Stylized Etched Face Charm

A4090 -SV-CHRM

As emotional beings, we are intensely drawn to human faces.  Newborns and mamas love to stare at one another in close embrace.  Turns out it has a lot to do with survival skills - knowing where the warmth, food, and love comes from.  But, even as we grow old, we never lose the pleasure we get from looking at faces, especially those we find attractive.  And, while we're told not to stare, we give you permission to gaze as long as you want at this face charm.  We hope to have captured just some of the beauty we see in human faces.

This face charm is also a portrait of serenity.  In our fast paced, modern world, sometimes finding just a moment of calm, let alone "your happy place," is challenging.  But we try - through yoga practices, meditation, exercise, hiking, making jewelry, and (fill in the blank here) - to find a little tranquility. 

Any little bit helps, like wearing a necklace with this etched face charm to remind you of what beauty and serenity looks like to you.  Create an easy charm necklace by threading this face charm onto finished chain.  Wear as earrings by attaching face charms to hook earring parts.

Length  measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring.  



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Other Details

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Made in Thailand



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