Sterling Silver Zodiac Charms - Constellation Gemini 18x15mm

A1315 -SV-CHRM

Gemini - Zodiac Constellation Disc. A beautiful and fun way to wear your 'spirit in the sky'. Ancient cultures saw pictures in the stars, and to this day, we let the stars tell us stories in the clear night sky. These sterling silver discs etched with your sign's unique constellation make a beautiful pendant. Wear the cluster of stars that best represent you as a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Gemini (May 21st - June 20th) are said to be curious, witty, inquisitive, charming, and creative.

Pair with Letter Charms and Birthstone Charms to create a personalized necklace or bracelet for you or a loved one. Do you know your sign? Learn more about your Zodiac sign, and get familiar with common characteristics and traits of all the signs here!

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Other Details

Made in Bali, IndonesiaMade in Bali, Indonesia



mm - millimeters

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