About Bali

What is a Bali Bead?

Learn all there is to a beautiful, handcrafted silver Bali bead. As featured in Beadwork, February/March 2003

History of Metalsmithing

Excerpted from “Silver in Paradise”, Ornament Magazine, Summer 1994. Bali sterling silver beads are part of the ancient tradition of Indonesian metal work. Nina Designs explains.

How Bali Beads are Made

Silversmiths in Bali have exceptional skill, and produce beautiful and unique pieces. Learn more about the process that goes into making these detailed and one of a kind beads and findings. Excerpted from “Silver in Paradise”, Ornament Magazine, Summer 1994

Meet the Smiths Who Create Our Silver Beads

Excerpted from “Silver in Paradise”, Ornament Magazine, Summer 1994. An introduction to our talented silver smiths at our facility in Bali. These skilled artisans produce our beautiful and unique jewelry beads and findings!

Balinese History and Culture

A look into the history and culture of a beautiful and magical region. Excerpted from "Silver in Paradise", Ornament Magazine, Summer 1994

About Bali, Where is this Silver Made?

Learn about the origins of the beautiful, high quality silver used in the making of Bali beads and findings!

Lyra's Adventures in Bali

Lyra visits Bali with her mom, Nina. Come along to join her on her adventures around this beautiful country!

About Nina Designs

Compare Products

Learn how to Compare Nina Designs products side-by-side for an easy shopping and designing experience!

Customer Feedback

Read feedback from some of the thousands of customers that we’ve worked with over the past quarter century

Fair Trade Promoted by Nina Designs

Learn more about Nina Designs’ commitment to Fair Trade and the well-being of our dedicated and skilled artisans.

Green Silver

Greening is a long journey. It can often feel intimidating, especially in an industry like silver jewelry where so many factors are out of our control.

Microloans funded by Nina Designs

Nina Designs has partnered with Novica & Kiva to fund Microloans for women artisans in developing countries.


Nina Designs is committed to supporting the communities where our products are made, the environment, and our local communities.

Ornament Profiles Nina

“Nina Cooper, The Bead as a Metaphor for Life”,Ornament Magazine Winter 2004. A Bali Bead is more than a sphere of silver, it is a metaphor for a way of life. Read more at Nina Designs.

About The Jewelry Business

Starting a Jewelry Business

An overlook on how to start your own jewelry business! As featured in the Lapidary Journal, October 1999

Is It Time To Quit Your Day Job?

Wondering if you should put the brakes on your current career to take jewelry on full time? Read this article from the Lapidary Journal, December 2000

Importing 101

To import, or not to import? Learn more about the pros and cons of importing from the Lapidary Journal, June 2001

About Thailand

Casting Thai Silver Charms

Casting silver is a highly skilled, labor intensive endeavor. Watch the entire process unfold from the initial sketches to a completed piece!


What Chakra Speaks to You?

Learn more about the power and meaning of the seven chakras! Find out which speaks to you, or what chakra you wish to channel.

Do You Know Your Sign?

Know your sign! Learn about what Zodiac signs are associated with, what traits they carry, and where you fall in the Zodiac calendar!

12 Insights into Ancient Gold

A look into the history of gold. As featured in the Lapidary Journal, May 2001

Bead Collages

Beautiful artistic collages laid out by hand using Bali beads! Take a look at this unique form of art.

Gemstone Meanings

Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones. Learn what properties different gemstones can carry, and which you may want to start wearing!

Print Beads Explained

These Chinese characters are featured on various jewelry components. Learn the meaning printed on our beautiful beads and pendants.

Jewelry and How-To Videos

Watch and learn. Our free how-to videos are the perfect way to learn new beading and jewelry making skills, or brush up on what you already know. Add plenty of new techniques to your current skill set!