October 3, 2012

Team Spirit at Nina Designs

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We’ve gone through some pretty significant staffing changes here at Nina Designs this past summer.  Clara, Emily, Laura and Tiffany have started new adventures elsewhere.  One went back home, another moved to a new big city, and others traveled abroad.  That means there are four new customer service ladies in this photo!  They are a spirited new crew and we are super happy they’ve joined us.  Starting from bottom left and moving counter-clockwise, we’d like to introduce:

Estee, in the elf hat, is a mixed media artist who enjoys wreck diving & pinhole photography.  When she learned we needed a new fun committee organizer, she jumped at the chance!  In fact, Crazy Hat Day was her idea.

Nicki, in the spider hat, is a sculptor.  For her senior project she created an installation of 6000 tiny sculptures.  She’s obsessed with trying new foods.  While she is a very adventerous eater, every Friday is Pho Friday!

Veronica, in the cop hat, majored in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz & is crazy about birds – owls and shorebirds especially.  She’s also an avid knitter, is renovating her first home, and loves traveling to distant shores.

Kelsey, in the white cardigan & pill box hat, is a talented hat maker who enjoys all things vintage, indulging in hot bath with a cup of tea, and sewing, sewing, sewing  .  Thanks to her skill and generosity we all got decked out in some fabulous hats.  We love her hats with spiders & black birds, and especially her tiny top hats! See more at Rose La Mer.

That’s it for the newbies.  The rest of us have been here for a while.  Marcy looks like she doesn’t have a hat on but she does.  Deanna’s sporting one of Kelsey’s awesome mini top hats.  We all want one!  They are so sassy.  And, that’s Carly on the end.  She says she didn’t get the memo that it was Crazy Hat Day.  She thought it was just Regular Hat Day.  Next time Carly!  Next time.

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