November 11, 2013

Social Media Strategies for Jewelry :: Intro :: Step 1 of 8

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At Nina Designs, we design and sell jewelry making supplies. We launched our first website in 1995 and we have tried to stay on the cutting edge of digital technology ever since. Our Facebook Page has over 25,000 Fans and we have over 2,000 followers on Pinterest. In this blog series,  I am going to share with you what a non-tech, artsy, jewelry person has learned about social media through a lot of trial & error, & why I think it is an important, worthwhile activity.


Why Social Media?

Social Media is the hottest trend in marketing but why should you care? Jewelry designers are artists & artists often cringe at the thought of marketing or self-promotion. But consider this: In an age when people increasingly live their lives and make their purchases online, how can a jewelry designer reach new customers? If people don’t know you exist, they can’t buy your jewelry. In addition, social media rewards creativity, which designers have in spades, so you already have an advantage!

According to research released by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange , the average online American spends 2 hours a day social networking. It is a major pastime and growing fast!

Social Media Examiner Recently Published a Report after surveying 3,000 marketing professionals. The report concludes that the two major benefits of social media activities for businesses are Increased Exposure and Increased Website Traffic.  In other words, these folks have successfully used social media to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites.

The majority of companies with 10 or less employees who spent over 6 hours a week on Social Media Activities also agreed that it Decreased their marketing expenses! This is super counter intuitive because most of us balk at the expense in terms of time & money of spending six hours a week on social media. For a small company that is a big bite but the study shows that compared to how much people spend on other forms of advertising it is actually quite economical.

At Nina Designs, we have also found that Social Media Activity is a great way to Build Community. Most of our customers are women and we think of our SM community as a sisterhood of artists encouraging creativity through online support & inspiration.

Now for a caveat, effective Social Media Activity takes serious commitment. The Social Media Examinar study revealed that the benefits increase sharply with over 6 hours a week of engagement. (That sounds like a lot but if you are average, you already spend 2hrs a day on social media. Perhaps it is a question of re-directing some of that time to your business pages?) Benefits also accrue over time, increasing significantly after 2 years and dramatically after 5 years.

The study also revealed that with 6+ hours per week of engagement and 2+ years, people saw improved Search Engine Rankings. This refers to where you rank in organic search when someone types a keyword like “earrings” into google or another search engine. Companies that show up on the first page of organic search are the lucky few who get most of the click throughs to their websites. As a result, companies devote considerable resources to trying to improve their ranking. This activity is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  Google tracks “engagement” in their algorithm, so Social Media Activity can boost your ranking!

Consistency & Responsiveness are crucial factors to the success of Social Media Activity. Don’t “Dump” a huge amount of content and then disappear. Try to stick to a schedule and check in regularly so that you can respond promptly to comments or inquiries.

If you feel ready to start exploring the world of social media, meet me at Step 2 : 1st Things 1st


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