February 10, 2014

Social Media Strategies for Jewelry :: Blogging +:: Step 6 of 8

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Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge and opinions. It is also a way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. As a Jewelry Designer, you could blog on jewelry fashions, jewelry techniques, gemstones, or design.  Guest blogging is also a good way to drive traffic back to your website.  At Nina Designs, our goal is to inspire jewelry designers. We use our blog to teach new jewelry techniques, share jewelry designs, and offer business tips.


I have to confess that we are very new to Instagram but I can see that it has huge potential and I am really enjoying playing around with it. One of our young designers is curating our Instagram photos and we are going to use it to capture behind the scenes images as well. We will then post those images directly to Facebook and twitter. Instagram is fun because you can see people liking and commenting on your images immediately. Instagram just launched a video feature as well so you can make 15 second videos with your mobile device and post them right away. You can film in sections creating a stop motion effect that we are looking forward to experimenting with!


I know twitter is hugely popular but I don’t personally think the format is super compelling for jewelry. That said, I want to be where my customers are, and many of them are on twitter. We are careful to stay engaged on twitter. In particular, we send out notices whenever we receive new styles, post new design ideas or have sales.

step 6

Linked In

I think Linked In is more suited for professionals and service businesses but I am sure there are creative ways to use it for jewelry. For instance, if you have a lot of professionals as customers, and you know they spend time on LinkedIn, you can use your profile to keep them up to date on your latest designs.

Now that you are familiar with Social Media Activities, meet me at Step 7: Managing Content


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