Discount Bali Beads

If you are searching for discount Bali beads for jewelry making, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. While you can increase your profit by using supplies purchased at a discount price, you should be cautious about sacrificing the quality of your products. Many discount Bali beads that you'll find online may be of poor quality, which can cost you business in the long run.

You should keep an eye out for discoloring when purchasing Bali beads. A red or yellow discoloration or dull surfaces can be indicative of low silver content in the Bali beads or of shoddy work. Though any jewelry maker wants to find a good deal on supplies, you should exercise caution when the prices just seem too good to be true.

Attributes of the Best Discount Bali Beads
There are also things you can look for when browsing the Bali beads available from different suppliers to gauge whether they are quality pieces. There should be a uniform smooth and shiny finish across the beads. If the beads feature granulation, the dimensions should be even across the bead, and the oxidized backgrounds should not stand out.

At Nina Design, we work closely with only the best suppliers to bring you discount Bali beads. Unlike other businesses, we pay our silver smiths by the individual piece rather than by weight, encouraging them to put fine detail into each bead rather than producing bulk quantities of low quality beads. The result of our relationships with our silver smiths is a wide selection of styles of Bali beads for you to use in your best work.

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