Clip Earring Findings

Clip earrings continue to be a popular choice for those who do not want to get their ears pierced but love the look of dangles and jewels framing their faces. Many hobby suppliers, however, do not sell clip earring findings, because they are not as commonly sought after as hooks and other options for pierced ears. Nina Designs, however, offers a selection of sterling silver clip earring parts that makes it easier to make the perfect jewelry.

All of our clip earring findings are handcrafted in Indonesia. From the simplest option with a hammered matte finish on a 21mm oval to more ornate choices with granules or swirls, any of these pieces can serve as the foundation for a dangling clip earring. We even have an arch style that will give you the look of a hoop earring from straight on.

Granulated Clip Earring Findings
Granules are a trademark of the finest authentic jewelry from Bali, a tradition in their jewelry for centuries. Nina Designs offers several clip earring findings with exquisite granulation, all finished by hand. There are also several options with the scrollwork typical of Balinese silverwork, as well.

We also have multi-hole spacers and chandelier parts that you can use to create dramatic drop earrings. Though all of our clip earring findings have only one loop, these accessories can be used to create multiple strands or a chandelier design with ease. Since they are also handcrafted Balinese and Thai silver, it is easy to match them to the clip earring findings in our catalog, too. 

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