Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies

Whether it's just a hobby, a way to make some extra cash, or a full-time job, jewelry making is a fun and rewarding activity. Serious jewelers like to have many different supplies on hand for when inspiration strikes. At Nina Designs, we carry silver (and some gold) wholesale jewelry making supplies to aid you in realizing your creative ideas.

Distinctive silver and gold beads are wonderful for creating unique earrings, necklaces and bracelets. We carry a stunning selection of handcrafted beads from Bali, where they are handmade one at a time. Each piece is finished by hand, from the addition of silver granulated balls to a fine polish job. Jewelry making supplies of this quality are rarely found at the wholesale prices we are able to offer.

Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies and Chains
Even if you create your own charms or beads, having a variety of different chains on which to display them is ideal. Our chains, sold wholesale by the foot, range from very thin and simple wire link chains to hefty Balinese silver chains with intricately interlocking rectangular and round links. For something eye catching, use a scored or hammered chain.

For a truly unique touch, browse our wholesale lots of letter and word beads. Personalize your jewelry by spelling out names or phrases at the request of your customers. We even have tiny charms with engraved words and phrases like "pride," "mom," "love," or "karma" that you can place near your fastener as a private message for the recipient of your necklace. Our chains by the foot, finished chains, and other jewelry making supplies are always available at wholesale prices that allow you to create beautiful pieces at a low cost.

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