Silver Clasps

Nina Designs offers a variety of silver clasps that can be used to finish off any necklace or bracelet with a professional touch. One of the hottest trends in jewelry today is to put a toggle clasp on a heavy piece. For example, if you have a hefty silver charm keeping a necklace centered, a toggle clasp can be ornate and exciting--another significant enhancement on the piece.

On the other hand, you may want to try a basic lobster clasp, which we have in a number of silver finishes and sizes. Slightly more ornate but also best for lighter-weight pieces are magnetic clasps. Several of our silver magnetic clasps feature stunning granulation and twisting wire designs. Please also purchase a safety chain if you use a magnetic clasp on a bracelet, as this is the best way to ensure you do not lose it!

Adjustable Length Silver Clasps
Adjustable length clasps are always a good choice when you are offering your jewelry for sale in a boutique. Since clients will wear clothing with different necklines (and have different-sized necks), an adjustable length silver clasp ensures that they will be able to wear their necklaces at just the right length with any outfit. Options include granules, scrolls, hearts, oxidized silver, and abstract designs.

You can search by type or by collection. This way, if your priority is to find a clasp that perfectly matches some of the other beads you've selected for your necklace, you can look for "Bali Cast silver clasps" or "Print Collection clasps." If, however, you know your clients prefer to have the greatest security and durability, you can search specifically for lobster clasps. 

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