Wholesale Silver Chains

A beautiful pendant will be even more striking on the perfect chain. From an extremely simple rope chain to intricate hammered link chains that are works of art themselves, silver chains are the perfect way to display a charm or tag. At Nina Designs, we offer wholesale discounts on a variety of silver chains that you can use to make jewelry of any kind.

One of the most timeless and versatile types of silver chain is the chain link. A small diameter, like 2mm, creates a very delicate look--perfect for small beaded necklaces. A wider chain link can be more striking and is excellent for making charm bracelets or necklaces where you need to balance heavier adornment. Our wholesale silver chains are sold by the foot for the most value.

Scored Wholesale Silver Chains
In today's jewelry market, silver chains are often as elegant and detailed as the pendants that hang off them. Scoring is one of the most popular chain decorations--patterns are cut into the silver to give it a distinctive look. We have many types of wholesale scored silver chains, from very lightly scored pieces to links with more complex swirling patterns.

The possibilities for classic jewelry pieces are almost endless with our wholesale silver chains. From the whimsy of a chain of silver hearts to the striking look of twisted oxidized metal chains, we carry a look to match any kind of jewel or charm. Our wholesale prices allow you to purchase these chains to complement all of your own jewelry creations! 

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