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I would love to educate my customers on your product. Is it a Green product?

Greening is a journey that is long and complex. We are working hard to make progress in this area. Click here to read the latest news on our greening efforts and meaningful ways we offset our carbon footprint.


Why are you not a certified Fair trade company?

Nina Designs has been practicing fair trade since long before there was a term for it. Why aren’t we certified? In our experience, most Fair Trade organizations are set up to monitor worker collectives and don’t have a way to accommodate private companies with a strong interest in the social welfare of their employees. In addition, these organizations have steep annual fees. We believe the funds are better spent on benefits for our staff in Bali than on administrative fees to an American organization.

Click here to read more about our Fair Trade efforts in Bali and Thailand.


Does Nina Designs contribute to any charitable organizations?

Nina Designs is committed to supporting the communities where our products are made. Material and financial support is provided to many organizations, both internationally and domestically. Click here to read more about our philanthropic contributions.


Please tell me about your Microloan program.

Jewelry Making Supplies are our business at Nina Designs but our mission includes supporting artisans in our own community as well as abroad. In 2010 we established a microloan fund to assist women artists in developing countries. Through NOVICA, we have lent to women in four countries. Click here to read more about our microloan program.


Are the genuine diamonds used in your pieces fair trade diamonds and certified conflict free?

Our diamond collection from Thailand uses small, 1 point diamonds. They are from India and are industrial grade and therefore are not certified fair trade or conflict free.


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