Mixed Metal Black Cuff Bracelet with Bronze Granulation


Dark and full of contrast, this mixed metal black cuff bracelet with bronze granulation is a beauty. The band is oxidized sterling silver to the deepest black and dotted with plump bronze spheres, like magical seeds all in a row. Plus, we designed this cuff bracelet with comfort in mind, adding the bronze spheres at the tips for easy on & off. 

As with all cuff bracelets, we recommend squeezing to your wrist size slowly and gently, then leaving it there. Inside diameter of this bracelet is about 2 1/4 inches and circumference is about 6.5 inches.

The black finish is a beautiful oxidized treatment on the surface of the silver.  Please note that over time the black finish will slowly wear off to reveal the shiny silver underneath.  This process is accelerated on bracelets due to wear and tear and exposure to soap, water, lotion, etc. This results in a rustic, timeworn quality which many admire.

If you love the look of mixed metals (like we do), spend a little time shopping the Black and Bronze Collection.

See our measurement guide.

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Other Details

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