Mixed Metal Daisy Ring


Uplift your customers' spirits with this perky mixed metal daisy ring. This ring is sterling silver with a bronze center. The details on this daisy will make for happy customers. Each petal varies in length and it slightly dipped and darkened in the center, adding eye-catching depth & contrast; and its center is a warm gold color and has a dotted texture - just like real daisies!

The symbolic meaning of the daisy has a lot to do with purity, positivity, and radiance. Who among us hasn't plucked the petals of a daisy, chanting "(S)he loves me, (s)he loves me not," secretly hoping the last petals reveal, "YES! (S)he loves me!" There is a certain innocence here, like children playing at love, that is associated with daisies.

Native American wisdom recognizes the daisy as a sun symbol. Its bright yellow center & radiating white petals resemble the rays of the sun.

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