Silver Charm Copyright Drama on Etsy

By Nina

After a recent silver charm brouhaha on Etsy, I realized that there is still some confusion about copyrights and what is or isn’t allowed. We design most of our products from scratch.  They begin as sketches in our studio and eventually become beautiful little silver charms, pendants or findings. Our goal is to inspire you. We love it when you buy our parts and incorporate them into your jewelry. Every designer has their own style and I never cease to be amazed at the myriad ways even a simple silver link can be used to create new looks.

Using Nina Designs’ parts in your jewelry is NOT a copyright violation, nor is re-selling the parts you’ve purchased from us. However, if someone takes our silver charms to Asia, has copies made and sells them on Etsy or anywhere else, that IS a copyright violation.

If we see anyone selling copies, we take action to defend our copyrights. This protects us and it protects you, because  the copies are usually cheap and shoddy. In the recent situation on Etsy, we responded to complaints from our legitimate customers when a supplier offered Nina Designs knockoffs for sale.


I hope that this clears up any confusion! If you have any questions please email us at

Lotus Pendant we designed from stratch. 

One of the many ways to use the Lotus Pendant in a Jewelry design. 

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