Solid 14K Gold Cherry Blossom Post Earrings 7x7mm


Nothing's sweeter than this solid 14K gold cherry blossom earrings. Because cherry blossoms last for only a short time each year, they're thought to reflect the fleeting nature of life that imbues it with a fragile beauty. These plum blossom earrings make thoughtful gifts for the women in your life - daughters, wives, and moms. Find Solid Gold Necklaces and Charms to add to your jewelry line. 

This 14-karat yellow ear nut is encased in a silicone cushion, making it especially comfortable to wear. 

Made in the USA. Our 14K gold is nickel free. Due to fluctuations in the gold market, backorders may come in at higher prices. If so, we will confirm updated pricing with customers before shipping backorders.

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