Sterling Silver Deaths Head Moth Pendant Festoon20x41mm

A1807 -SV-FEST

Sterling Silver Deaths Head Moth Charm -Halloween Charm. Flaunt your Gothic streak with this deaths head moth charm. It looks wicked when worn at the center of a finished chain, so that it sits just at your clavicle. Wire-wrap a couple blood-red garnets to attach to finished chain and complete the scene. Or, try framing it with a large circle link to really make a statement.

The Death's-Head Hawk Moth stands out from the crowd with the human skull pattern on their thorax. Other unusual features include the loud screech and brightly colored flash they emit to scare away predators; and, how they mimic the scent of bees allowing them to raid beehives for honey.

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Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Length measure includes 5 mm jump rings. See our measurement guide.

This item is made from recycled silver.

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