Sterling Silver Flying Raven Pendant 22x20mm

S6540 -SV-CHRM

This sterling silver flying raven pendant is fierce, and drawing you in with her sense of purpose. Depicted in profile, designed on both sides, and with talons you can attach whatever you can dream up, this bold raven is a jewelry designer's dream. Not only is she beautifully feathered, she is versatile and can be used in so many ways on necklaces and earrings.

In myth and legends, ravens symbolize loss, transformation, and hope. While the raven is associated with darkness, death, and shapeshifting, it also connotes intelligence and bravery.

In Norse mythology, Odin's daughters, the valkyries, taking the form of ravens fly to battlefields to choose who will die and who will live. As ravens, the valkyries usher the fallen warriors into Valhalla to be honored forever in the afterlife.

Find talisman charms and jewelry links to create meaningful, symbolic jewelry with this raven charm. Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring.

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Made in Bali, IndonesiaMade in Bali, Indonesia



mm - millimeters
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