Sterling Silver Jellyfish Dangle Earrings 44x11mm


Sterling Silver Jellyfish Dangle Earrings. The languorous movements, smooth and silky spiraling tentacles, bobbing and parachuting top: the jellyfish. An interesting and wondrous creature, the jellyfish mainly lives in warm seas using the currents and winds for its movement. Though extremely delicate and soft, this creature can be a deadly encounter with its stinging and poisonous tentacle barbs.

Using the jelly as an example, we can learn to find the correct fluidity and strength in our own lives. Gentle and supple to life's tumultuous currents, yet electrifying and powerful in times of need. Add these beautifully detailed earrings to any collection for daily reminders of the loveliness of life. Take a deep dive into our Ocean Collection  to find more mystery to pair with these octopus earrings. 

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