Sterling Silver Killer Whale Charm on a Disk 21x15mm

A1869 -SV-CHRM

Like the animal it depicts, this sterling silver killer whale charm is bold, striking, and graphic. The killer whale's black & white markings are unmistakable, and look like poetry in motion swimming the deep blue seas.

Killer whales are infamous predators, and are successful because they hunt in pods. But did you know they are matrilineal? That's right! The ladies are in charge. Females lead the pods, teaching the young to communicate, navigate and hunt successfully.  Power is handed down from mothers to daughters.

This killer whale charm is a beautiful symbol of female leadership. If the spirit of killer whales comes to you through dreams, prepare to take the reins in an upcoming project or challenge at home or professionally. Embrace the strength of your team and lead your pod to success. 

Length measurement includes the 5mm soldered jump ring.

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Other Details

Other Details

Made in ThailandMade in Thailand



mm - millimeters

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