Sterling Silver Ouroboros Snake w Butterfly Pendant 27x21mm

A1963 -SV-CHRM

In this sterling silver talisman charm, we married two compelling images - the ouroboros with a butterfly. Butterflies are messengers of transformation, hope, and inner strength. Their delicate beauty carries profound spiritual meaning, reminding us to embrace change and trust the process of becoming. 

And, the ouroboros - the serpent eating its own tail - speaks to the cyclic nature of the universe; that creation begins after destruction, and life springs forth from death. It is humanity's never ending story, and our place within it. A powerful symbol of endless return, the ouroboros gives us all hope. Carry this powerful charm in your jewelry collection as a reminder that life is a never ending story. Find more powerful symbols in out Talisman Collection.

Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring. See our measurement guide.

This item is made from recycled silver.

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