Sterling Silver Snake in Diamond Signet Ring


This fierce sterling silver snake in diamond signet ring features bold details and striking lines. The diamond framed snake sits on top of a ridged band that feels both modern and classic. The background is deeply oxidized offering a beautiful contrast to the shiny silver snake that has volume and undulating waves. Signet rings have a long and culturally significant history. The oldest ones found date back 3000 yrs to ancient Mesopotamia, but have since become ways for nobility, important houses, and even secret organizations to authenticate documents. Some are highly ornate, others quite simple. 

Start your own signet ring tradition. Offer one to each in your friend circle! Snakes are beguiling creatures saturated with symbolic meaning. Because they shed their skin & move so quickly, they've come to signify rebirth, transformation, duality, and thought of as protectors of the shadow realms & portals between worlds.  Find more Ready to Wear Rings to list in your shop right away.

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This item is made from recycled silver.

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