Silver Teardrop Charm with Pink Nano Gems 14x6mmDISCONTINUED

A6477 -SV-CHRM

Representing sugar and spice and everything nice, this sterling silver teardrop charm with pink nano gems is sweet, playful, and romantic. Pink is the soft side of red, and stirs up feelings of friendship, affection, and tenderness. As the color of universal love for oneself and for others, use this pink sparkle charm to invoke feelings of harmony and inner peace in the wearer. They're perfect for accents, and in multiples along the length of necklaces. Nothing can lift our spirits like color!

Find finished chain and simple earring tops to complete your designs.

Length measurement includes the 5mm soldered closed jump ring. See our measurement guide.

This item is made from recycled silver.

Discontinued 2023: Limited Quantity Closeout.

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