Sterling Siver Dandelion Pendant Long Rectangle 31x10mm

A4160 -SV-CHRM

For many of us, this sterling silver dandelion long rectangle pendant reminds us of carefree childhood moments playing with friends, making wishes upon dandelion seeds blown in the wind, and making dandelion bouquets for mom. We didn't think of them as worthless weeds, just bright, beautiful flowers.  The best part of innocence is seeing things for what they are, not what they're supposed to be

Dandelions remind us to see beauty with an open heart, that every dream begins with a wish, and that it is only when we let go that we find our true direction. 

Turn this dandelion charm into necklaces and earrings, your customers will love as gifts for their moms, best friends, and loved ones.  

See our measurement guide.

This item is made from recycled silver.

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