Lisa, IT Manager She/Her

Beads have been part of my life since I visited my first Native American pow-wow at the age of 13.  I love vintage seed beads sizes 16/0-22/0, tulip needles for the bigger beads, stones –from precious ones to ordinary rocks with holes, clasps, vintage crystal, sterling everything, interesting metal components, chain, fine silver wire (gold, if it came easy), crochet hooks, and jars filled with dreamy sparkly things that girls tend to collect.

I have been blessed with a career that has allowed me to explore and share my passion for beads and design through teaching classes and promoting the accessibility of supplies to other artists through working with bead stores and shows. I am also honored to have served on the Board of Directors of the Bead Society of Northern California since 2005.

Nina Designs findings, beads, and charms have had a prominent place in my personal bead collection (the size of which only another beader can fathom) for decades. I am excited to work with such awesome designers both behind the components and with our customers who inspire us with their finished jewelry.

My Current Favorites

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