Wholesale Sterling Silver Bali Beads

It is widely known that the people of Bali are some of the finest artists and craftsmen in the world. Their art is a direct reflection of their environment, celebrating the natural world around them. The wholesale sterling silver Bali beads we offer can be used to create dramatic, striking pieces.

The sterling silver Bali beads we offer reflect the island itself. From waves and curves that echo the shapes of the island to images of local flora and fauna, Balinese beads have lovely and unique motifs. Animals such as elephants, butterflies, birds and fish are also beautifully rendered on silver beads. Purchase wholesale sets of your favorite pieces and create a unique collection of your own for resale or for personal projects.

Handcrafted Wholesale Sterling Silver Bali Beads
At Nina Designs, we are able to bring you the finest handcrafted jewelry at wholesale prices. The creation of sterling silver Bali beads is an intricate and lengthy process. Each piece is hand formed and finished, including a careful polishing, giving each piece its own individual flair.

Whether you are looking to add Bali sterling silver beads to your own jewelry or wish to resell the beads individually to hobbyists, we have the finest wholesale collection available. Aside from Bali beads, we also have sterling silver clasps in many styles (including toggles, hooks, magnetic clasps, and lobster claws) and earring pieces for pierced and clip styles. Please refer to our wholesale ordering guide for more information about bulk purchases.

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