Jewelry Stringing Magazine, Necklace Feature, Fall 2016 Issue pg. 67 and Cover Photo

This gorgeous Leather and Tassel Necklace Design was featured on the cover of Jewelry Stringing’s Fall 2016 issue. This design was made by a fabulous staff member at the Nina Designs office. Gather inspiration by browsing more of our jewelry design ideas! Find out how to make this look yours here!


Jewelry Stringing Magazine

Earrings Feature, Fall 2016 Issue pg. 52,pg. 53

Bracelets Feature, Fall 2016 Issue pg. 43


Jewelry Stringing Magazine, Jewelry Business Online Course Feature, Summer 2016 Issue, pg.4


Nina’s online course, “Launch Your Jewelry Business,” was highlighted in the Summer Issue of Jewelry Stringing Magazine for top things to do this Summer! It is available now through Craft University. Check it out and discover what it takes to start a successful jewelry business. For more info visit


Jewelry Stringing Magazine, Earrings Feature, Summer 2016 Issue, pg.42-43


Three stunning earring designs have been featured in Jewelry Stringing’s Summer 2016 issue. All three designs were made by fabulous staff members at the Nina Designs office. Gather inspiration by browsing more of our jewelry design ideas!


Jewelry Stringing Magazine, Charm Sets Feature, Winter 2016 Issue

We were featured in the Winter issue of Jewelry Stringing Magazine for our sweet “Mommy and Me” Charm Sets! They make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day or a wonderful way to show your daughter how much you love her! Shop all of our charms sets now!


Three of our stunning earring designs have been featured in Jewelry Stringing’s Spring 2015 issue. Visit Design Ideas Earrings and make a pair for yourself!


Beadstyle Magazine, Trend to Try Feature, November 2015 Issue, pg. 13

Athletes like jewelry too! We were featured in the November issue of Beadstyle magazine for our fun new triathlon charms! Wear them together to show off what you’ve accomplished, or wear one on its own to share your favorite activity! Shop all of our hobby charms now!


Jewelry Stringing Magazine, Shopping Guide Feature, Fall 2015 Issue, pg. 21,22 & 23


Our chakra charms were featured in this Fall shopping guide. Embrace your inner yoga goddess with these beautiful, openwork chakra charms. Shop the collection here!


Cute and simple post earring styles from Nina Designs were featured too. Ready to wear silver and gold plated post earrings make great gifts! Shop all of our post earrings!


Last but not least, our metallic leather and tassels were also included! Add pops of sheen and color to your designs with our hand cut metallic leather strips. Add texture and even more color with our wide variety of tassels!


Wirework Magazine, Delicate Drapes Necklace, Fall 2015 Issue, pg. 74

This gorgeous labradorite and pyrite necklace designed by Marcy was featured in Wirework’s Fall 2015 issue. Find all the how-to steps for this gorgeous chain necklace in their magazine.


Jewelry Stringing Magazine, "Get the Look" Feature, Summer 2015 Issue, pg.54,55 & 57

Our beautiful and unique jewelry dangles were features in the Summer 2015 Issue of Jewelry Stringing Magazine. Visit Design Ideas for inspiration and materials for your own jewelry designs!


Jewelry Stringing Magazine, Tassel & Earrings Feature, Spring 2015 Issue, pg. 28, 54 &55

Our fun and flirty tassels were featured in Jewelry Stringing Magazine’s Spring 2015 issue. Shop all of our vibrant cotton and rayon tassels to add the perfect finishing touch to your jewelry designs. Explore Earring Designs.


Bead & Button Magazine, Earring Findings Feature, Feb. 2015 issue pg. 13


Gorgeous sterling silver earrings findings were just featured in Bead and Button’s February 2015 issue as some of their favorite earrings this season! Shop all of our sterling silver earring findings here!


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