Bronze Bee Post Earring 6x8mm


These bronze bee post earrings are dainty and playful. These bee earrings feature a bronze bee with a sterling silver post and nut. In many religions, honeybees are commonly depicted as messengers for the spirits, and are closely associated with the sun. In ancient Egypt, they're the tears of the sun-god Ra, and in yoga, where each chakra emits a different sound in meditation, the lowest chakra emits the hum of the honeybee. Fly away with these cute and ready to wear stud earrings. See matching Insect Charms and our entire collection of Earrings!

Our bronze is a high quality Italian alloy of copper and tin that contains an anti-tarnish compound which delays, but does not eliminate, eventual oxidation. Read more about our bronze in our FAQs.

See our measurement guide.

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